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Holidium Labs

The Holidium Lab Holograms have several products geared toward whatever area of total wellness you are looking to improve. 

The anti-smog hologram reduces emissions as well improving fuel efficiency. The average increase in fuel economy for gasoline engines is 5% - 25% and 10% - 40% for diesel engines.

BioAge logo


BIOAGE is the exclusive United States provider of authentic BIOSUPERFOOD formulas, uniquely formulated combinations of microalgae, whole food that contains naturally occurring fatty acids, carotenoids, minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production and promote overall health.

Brilliance In Commerce Logo

Brilliance In Commerce

Little-known ways to cancel debts, protect assets, acquire gold, create leveraged residual income & more.

Blue Z Water

Blue Z Water

Blue Z Water is a master cleaning tool for both body, mind and soul.

Foxx Legacy logo

Foxx Legacy

Foxx Legacy LLC is a nutraceutical company located in Wausau Wisconsin. Foxx Legacy produces profoundly effective natural nutraceutical products.



HUMALIFE USA is a marketing organization offering their customers a pure selection of OMRI certified 100% organic Humic and Fulvic acid concentrates.