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Linsey McLean & Susan Henderson on Stopping Black Hills Uranium Mining

Join EARTH AID NOW! Radio from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. MT as we speak with Linsey McLean & Susan Henderson about Powertech/Azarga and why stopping the EPA from permitting uranium mining near Edgemont, South Dakota is imperative and what you can do to help protect the waters of the Sacred Black Hills.

As Talli Sauman, writing in Native Sun News, on April 19th relates, the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance and others are calling for people "to provide written comment by May 19, and for oral or written testimony at four hearings April 27 through May 11 on EPA draft permits that would allow uranium mining and waste disposal to take place in the underground water tables at the Dewey Burdock site in the southern Black Hills.

"Headquartered in China, Azarga Uranium Corp., formerly Powertech Uranium Corp., wants an EPA underground injection permit for 4,000 wells in the Inyan Kara Group of aquifers, so it can conduct in situ leach (ISL) mining and milling of yellow cake on the 10,000-acre site it is leasing at the Cheyenne River headwaters 50 miles west of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation near Edgemont."

"The company also wants EPA to grant it a deep underground disposal well permit, allowing the mine and mill to pump its wastewater through four wells into the Minnelusa Aquifer for final disposition at a depth of 2,800 feet."

As Debra White Plume of Owe Aku Bring Back the Way says, "Our water has been contaminated by uranium mining for 30 years. It has spread its toxins and contaminants through our aquifers and waterways negatively impacting the people, animals, plants and birds who live in our territory.  Cancer, liver disease, diabetes and myriad health problems plague the Oglala Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in what amounts to environmental genocide."

As always follow the Link to listen to the Program, and phone 845-277-9359 with questions/comments and to listen as well.